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Driver’s License in Florida

How to Get Points Off a Driver’s License in Florida

We all do it. Even the best drivers are guilty of an occasional oversight or error in judgment on the road. Usually these mistakes are slight and inconsequential – who has never accidentally gone a little above the posted speed limit when it seemed safe...

Solve Your Suspended License Problems

How a Florida Hardship License Can Solve Your Suspended License Problems

Imagine you’ve just inadvertently rolled through a stop sign at an empty residential intersection… empty except for the police squad car hiding just out of sight around the corner. He comes out of nowhere and pulls you over, writing you a ticket with the smug...

Traffic School

Florida Requirements for Traffic School

The Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) is a 4-hour course approved by the state of Florida to re-educate drivers guilty of minor traffic violations. It is an easy and inexpensive option many Florida drivers use after receiving a traffic ticket to keep points from...

Woman And The Book

How Many Times Can I Take Traffic School in Florida?

So you’ve got yourself a traffic ticket and want or need to take traffic school to get it cleared from you record… do you know which level of Florida traffic school courses is the appropriate one for you? There are three varieties of traffic school...

Florida Driver License Points and Point Suspensions

The Florida DMV Point System: How to Avoid Suspension and Eliminate Points on Your Record

“How do I know if I am considered a good driver?” “Will the DMV ever suspend or revoke my license if I break too many laws or get in too many accidents?” These are important questions for every driver in Florida to ask. Knowing the...

Ban Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving in Florida: A Thing of the Past

Is it illegal to text while driving in Florida? There is a lot of confusion about the legal status of cell phone use for calls and text messages while driving in the Sunshine State. Over the past several years, 44 states in the U.S. have...