How Many Times Can I Take Traffic School in Florida?

by sem on April 4, 2013

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So you’ve got yourself a traffic ticket and want or need to take traffic school to get it cleared from you record… do you know which level of Florida traffic school courses is the appropriate one for you? There are three varieties of traffic school in Florida, and they each have their own uses and restrictions. If you let too many points get on your record in a short period of time, you will be labeled as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) by the state and face a very hard time maintaining your driving privileges. Florida online traffic school exists as a convenient (and sometimes mandatory) way to prevent this from happening and keeping you on the road.

The Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI)

The BDI is the go-to course for anyone with a minor traffic violation. It’s only four hours of your time and can prevent you from getting into heaps of trouble further on down the road if too many points start to build up on your record. Most of the time it is voluntary, and the driver chooses to attend it for the benefits of point and fine reduction, but for some traffic violations in Florida (such as a traffic accident causing personal injury or property damage), it can be court ordered and mandatory. However, the BDI can only be taken once every 12 months, and only a total of 5 times in your life. Thankfully, more traffic school options exist.

The Florida Intermediate Driver Improvement Course (IDI)

In cases of more severe traffic violations or excessive point build-up, the court will order Florida drivers to complete the 8-hour intermediate course instead of the beginner course. The IDI can also be taken if it has been less than 12 months since the driver last took the BDI, or if the BDI has already been taken too many times overall.

The Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI)

The ADI is a more serious and stringent 12-hour course that is mandatory in the event of major driving problems, such as a revoked license or extreme amounts of points accrued to a driver’s record in a short amount of time. It is a required course for anyone trying to get a Florida hardship license or bounce back from a really bad driving history.

In summary, the Basic Driver Improvement course is usually the first line of defense against unwanted points or in the event of a court-ordered course. But since it can’t be taken more than once a year, or more than 5 times in your life, the Intermediate and Advanced courses offer alternatives for education and legal compliance in Florida.

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