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Speed Limits on Florida Roads

Why Speeding Is Even Riskier in Florida

According to the National Motorists Association, Florida is the state “most likely to hand out a traffic ticket” in the U.S. So if you live in the Sunshine State and you’ve got a lead foot, just know that you run a high risk of getting...

Drunk Driving Penalties and Fines in Florida

Drunk Driving in Florida: What’s It Cost?

Wondering how much a DUI costs in the Sunshine State? The short answer is: a lot. A DUI in Florida comes with many penalties, both monetary and otherwise. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect if you are convicted of a DUI. First Conviction...

Florida Speeding Laws and Penalties

The Scoop on Florida Speeding Laws and Penalties

Florida speeding laws are strict – and for good reason. The state is well known for its street and drag racing history, so set rules are in place to curb this kind of behavior – and speeding in general – while driving on public roads....