Points, Fines and How They Relate to Your Florida Driving Record

by sem on July 1, 2013

Florida point system

When you receive a traffic ticket in Florida, it will usually be accompanied by two consequences. Most infractions will come with a moderate monetary fine, which must be paid by a certain date.  Additionally, moving violations in Florida typically come with the addition of 3, 4, or 6 demerit points to your Florida driving record. Too many of these points building up in a short period of time will lead to license suspension and potentially other more severe consequences.

Many drivers believe that paying the ticket will remove the points from your record. On the contrary, paying the ticket is an admission of guilt and will most likely just ensure that the points are enforced. To stop the points from affecting your record, you will either have to contest the ticket in court (and prove your innocence) or take an approved Florida traffic school course, which is available either in person or online.

Florida traffic school is available for most drivers, so long as it is not taken too frequently, and will effectively nullify the points and/or fines associated with a ticket. If you are interested in keeping demerit points off your Florida driving record, talk to the courts and see if Florida online traffic school is right for you.

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