Top Tips and Tricks You Need to Know to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Florida!

by sem on May 7, 2013

Speeding Ticket

There are few things that cause more stress on the road then those flashing blue and red lights in the mirror and the all-too-familiar “whoop whoop” song of a police officer’s siren. Regretfully, many officers are quite eager to single drivers out and fine them, whether or not they were actually breaking the law or they can prove it.

Corrupt cops rely on intimidation and the public’s general ignorance of their own rights to take advantage of Florida motorists. Don’t be part of the herd! Know your rights and exercise them to the best extent you can to get every advantage possible when fighting a traffic ticket in Florida and defending your innocence.

Be In the Right Mindset From the Beginning
Before the officer even approaches your window, you’ll want to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the conversation that is about to ensue. Too many people are quick to lose control of their emotions the moment they feel victimized or attacked by the law. Treat your interaction with the officer like an important job interview. Acting curt, angry, disrespectful, or otherwise antagonizing towards the officer will not help your situation, and will only make it more likely that he will write you the most expensive ticket he is legally allowed to.

Many cops can be influenced one way or the other by how well you present yourself. Remember: police officers are only human, and are subject to their emotions, just like you.

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You…
The classic and surprisingly effective technique almost every officer will use during a traffic stop is the opening question, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” This question is only ever asked for one reason: to see if you will admit to committing a crime… sometimes even (unknowingly) one other than what he actually pulled you over for! The moment you admit to the officer that you know you were speeding, it can legally be used as an admission of guilt, and your chances of fighting the ticket have just about dropped to zero. Simply smile and respond as pleasantly as possible, “I have no idea, officer.  Is something wrong?”  Everything that happens during this conversation will be pertinent later during your trial, so don’t goof it up!

Pay Attention and Take Notes
If you plan to fight the ticket, the more information you have about the event, the better your case will come across later in court. At the time of your trial, things are far more likely to go in your favor if your notes and memory are superior to the officer’s. Take note of the location. Ask the officer how he knew what speed you were going. Find out if there are any posted speed limit signs nearby or if they might have been obscured for any reason. Take pictures. All of this will contribute to building the case for your innocence and make you look all the more professional to a judge.

Surviving the Trial
On the day of the trial, if you cannot provide any evidence to demonstrate your innocence, it will be your word against the officer’s. This almost always works in the favor of the officer. Fortunately, there is a pretty good chance he won’t even show up on the day of the trial, especially if you gave him no reason to remember you or take notes during the traffic stop. Especially in big cities, a lot of people get out of speeding tickets simply by default because the officer never shows. If he does show up, do the best you can to present for case for innocence in a professional and respectful manner.

If You Lose Your Case…
Depending on the circumstances, you will probably be given the option to attend traffic school in lieu of paying the fine and/or damaging your driving record.  It still sucks, but it’s a preferable option in most cases. is cheap and easy to attend, and sure beats the heck out of paying a heavy fine or risking suspension of your license for building up too many points on your record.

With the right tools and knowledge at your disposal, the odds of beating your ticket can be surprisingly high. Retain your composure throughout the process, and you might be excited to find how capable you are of working the system in your favor.

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