Know the Rules of the Road—Limitations on Overtaking, Passing, Changing Lanes and Changing Course in Florida Stat

by sem on July 1, 2013

Know the Rules of the Road

Florida driving regulations allow overtaking or passing of a slow-moving vehicle so long as you pass on the left, do not exceed the posted speed limit, allow at least 3 feet of space between you and the other car, and properly signal when shifting lanes. The lane on the left has to be clearly visible and free from oncoming traffic. There are also situations where passing on the right is allowed, such as when a vehicle is stopped and waiting to make a left turn. When you pass, you need to give yourself plenty of space in front of your car at the onset of passing, or else your vision of the road ahead will be limited.
Stay Focused Behind the Wheel
Whenever you’re passing or changing lanes in Florida, careful attention must be paid to the lane markings on the road. Remember that white lines denote lanes traveling in the same direction, and yellow lines mean traffic is travelling in the opposite direction. You can’t cross a solid unbroken line, even to pass, and doing so is grounds for a ticket, which will require attendance of Florida traffic school to keep points off your record.


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