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Get a Speeding Ticket While Visiting Out of State

Welcome to Florida—Now Take Your Ticket and Pay Up

Different states in the U.S. use different demerit point systems for their drivers. However, infractions committed in one state will usually affect your record in your home state as well. When out-of-state drivers commit an infraction and receive a Florida traffic ticket, they will be...

Beat a Red Light Camera Ticket

Knowing Your Rights When You’ve Run a Red Light in Florida

Of all the driving tickets in Florida, red light camera tickets are perhaps the most annoying. You may not even realize you’ve run a red light, or maybe you didn’t see the flash from the camera go off, but sure enough, a short while later...

Benefits of Taking a Basic Driver Improvement Course

Betting on the Benefits of a Basic Driver Improvement Course

The Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) is Florida’s first line of action against negligent drivers. It’s a simple 4-hour course that covers the essentials of responsible driving and the Florida rules of the road. While it is usually a choice made by Florida drivers...