Knowing Your Rights When You’ve Run a Red Light in Florida

by sem on June 5, 2013

Beat a Red Light Camera Ticket

Of all the driving tickets in Florida, red light camera tickets are perhaps the most annoying. You may not even realize you’ve run a red light, or maybe you didn’t see the flash from the camera go off, but sure enough, a short while later in the mail you receive a ticket with a picture of your car in the intersection. A lot of people don’t realize that they can contest a red light ticket just like any other ticket, so they just pay them without giving the matter any further consideration. The process for fighting these tickets can be different, and even simpler, than fighting a traditional ticket.

Contesting a Florida Red Light Cam Ticket

The first thing you should do upon receiving a ticket is ensure that it is in fact your car and your face in the picture. Mistakes happen all the time. Florida red light camera law says that if you are not the one driving the car in the picture, you cannot be held legally responsible for another person’s actions. You will need to notify the Florida DHSMV of your intention to contest the ticket by the date printed on your ticket. You will be appointed a court date to testify and present your case for innocence.

As with any other kind of traffic ticket, it is a good idea to take notes and gather evidence of your innocence. Be prepared to explain and demonstrate to the court that you were not driving the car, or that you did not actually run the red light. A lot of tickets are dismissed due to lack of proper notification of cameras at an intersection. Furthermore, because no accusing officer was actually present at the moment of the alleged infraction, many Florida drivers are let off on the grounds that there was no actual witness to the crime. You may get off free if no one is present to accuse you.

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