Betting on the Benefits of a Basic Driver Improvement Course

by sem on June 5, 2013

Benefits of Taking a Basic Driver Improvement Course

The Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) is Florida’s first line of action against negligent drivers. It’s a simple 4-hour course that covers the essentials of responsible driving and the Florida rules of the road. While it is usually a choice made by Florida drivers who have received tickets, there are some times where it is required by the courts. Reckless driving, racing, causing an accident, and other severe moving violations are all situations where the Florida BDI may be mandated by the courts before driving privileges can be reinstated.

The Benefits of the BDI

Many drivers elect to take the BDI in order to maintain a clean driving record. Moving violations in Florida can add 3, 4, or 6 demerit points to your record, and too many of these points within a short time will lead to license suspension. The Florida BDI course can be taken once every 12 months with approval from the courts as an alternative to paying the associated fines and accruing demerit points. You will need to notify the courts of your intent to enroll in the BDI within 30 days of the citation, and then find an approved live or online course provider.

What Happens if I Choose to Attend and Do Not?

Once you’ve chosen to take the Basic Driver Improvement Course, you’ll have 60-90 days to complete the course and submit proof of your completion to the courts. If you fail to complete the BDI in this time, the original points associated with the citation will be assessed, and you will probably have to pay some additional administrative fees. You cannot change your mind once you have informed the court of your intent to take traffic school, so it is best to give the matter enough thought ahead of time and even pick out a reputable provider. By taking the course online, you can make it work around your schedule and you will be more likely to complete it in time.

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